Roger Waldinger


Distinguished Professor (Ph.D. Harvard, 1983) and Director of the UCLA Center for the Study of International Migration

Chercheur invité LabexMed au laboratoire LEST du 2 juin au 29 juin 2019

Research themes

Migration ; assimilation/integration ; national identity ; home country/transnationalism ; immigrant politics

Roger Waldinger works on international migration: its social, political, and economic consequences; the policies and politics emerging in response to its advent; the links between immigrants and the countries and people they have left behind; the trajectories of newcomers and their descendants after migration.

Research program during stay

National identity, views towards immigration policy among immigrants and their descendants

Recent publications

“Social Politics: The importance of the family for naturalization decisions of the 1.5 generation,” (with Thomas Soehl and Renee Luthra), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, forthcoming.
“Foreign Connections and the Difference They Make: How Migrant Ties Influence Political Interest and Attitudes in Mexico,” (with Lauren Duquette-Rury and Nelson Lim),  Comparative Migration Studies, forthcoming.
“Immigration and the election of Donald Trump: why the sociology of migration left us unprepared…and why we should not have been surprised,” Ethnic and Racial Studies, 41.8 (2018): 1411-1426
"Reconceptualizing Context: A Multilevel Model of the Context of Reception and Second‐Generation Educational Attainment."(with Renee Luthra and Thomas Soehl) International Migration Review (2017), doi:10.1111/imre.1231

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